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Our Savior Luthern Church and School


8:00am - Blended
A thematic worship service using a variety of music styles.

9:30am - Traditional
A service with traditional hymns and Lutheran liturgies from the Lutheran Service Book.

11:00am - Contemporary
An expressive style of worship using guitars, piano, drums and vocalists.

6:00pm - Contemporary
An expressive style of worship using guitars, piano, drums and vocalists.

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Join us every Wednesday evening during the season of Lent. Restored in Christ is a series designed to help us face the brokenness of our lives, and how to turn that brokenness over to Christ so that we can be restored by Him through the cross. Restored in Christ will focus on a certain event in the story of our Lord and take a good, hard look at a broken element from that particular story. Learning how each of these broken elements leads to restoration in Christ will help us understand what it means to live as new creations in Christ today.

A staffed nursery will also be available for each of the Wednesday evening services.

Children's Messages
Each week there will be a special message for the young children and the message will involve various pieces of a project that the kids will receive throughout the Lenten series.

Midweek Meals
Meals hosted by various groups and organizations within the church will be held every Wednesday evening from 5:30-6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. Join us for great food and wonderful fellowship before the worship service begins!



ASH WEDNESDAY—March 5—4:30pm & 7:00pm
"Broken Hearts Restored"
Joel 2:12-14 — Our hearts are broken in sorrow over sin; Christ restores our hearts through His forgiveness.

Week 2—March 12—7:00pm
"Broken Vessel Restored"
Mark 14:1-9 — A broken vessel holds costly perfume; we are broken vessels restored when Christ pays the price for us on the cross.

Week 3—March 19—7:00pm
"Broken Trust Restored"
Matthew 26:14-25 — Judas breaks his trust with Jesus by betraying Him; our broken trust is restored through the sacrifice of Christ.

Week 4—March 26—7:00pm
"Broken Bread Restored"
John 6:48-58 — Bread is broken at the Last Supper; we are restored through the Bread of Life, Jesus.

Week 5—April 2—7:00pm
"Broken Promises Restored"
Matthew 26:69-75 — Peter's broken promises to never deny Jesus are restored by the surpassing love of Christ

Week 6—April 9—7:00pm
"Broken Justice Restored"
2 Corinthians 5:20-21 — A broken justice system put Jesus on the cross; we are restored when by His death we are declared not guilty.

Maundy Thursday—April 17—7:00pm
"Broken Sanctuary Restored"
Luke 22:39-48 — The Christ who heals our brokenness, shelters us in the sanctuary of His love and grace.

Good Friday—April 18—7:00pm
"Broken Curtain—Salvation Restored"
Matthew 27:51 — The broken curtain in the temple reveals that, through Jesus' death, the final payment for our sin had been made and fully accepted.