Small Groups

Growth Groups – Growing Together in the Love of Christ

God has designed us with a need for deep and meaningful relationships with one another. Our social, emotional, and spiritual health is nourished and sustained through a loving community of friends.

Growth Groups can help you “grow” in your love and knowledge of God and your love and friendship with one another. They also offer a wonderful opportunity to encourage and support each other. There are a variety of groups that meet throughout the community on a regular basis to connect, study, serve and pray.

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 9:30am: Church (Adults)
 2:00pm: Shorewood/Victoria (Adults)
 3:00pm: Chanhassen (Young Adults, Couples)
 4:00pm: (FULL) Excelsior (Families with Young Children)
 6:00pm: (FULL) Minnetonka (Adults, Families with Children)
 6:00pm: Minnetonka (Adults)
 6:30pm: Victoria (Adults)


 6:45pm: (FULL) Victoria, Rotates (Mature Adults)
 7:00pm: Mayer (Adults, Teens, Children)
 7:00pm: Chanhassen (Adults, Families with Young Children)


 7:00pm: Victoria (Adults)
 7:00pm: Shorewood (Adults)


 6:30 pm: Victoria (Couples, Families with Young Children)
 7:00pm: Eden Prairie (Adults)


 6:30 pm: (FULL) Chaska (All Welcome)