Becoming a Member


Join The Journey!

The Journey is a quarterly opportunity to deepen your discipleship experience to help you see, experience, and live in the call of Christian discipleship. The Journey features three 50 minute classes and a wrap-up.

Destination Membership
If you are interested in joining Our Savior, begin your journey with Destination Membership. It teaches some of the basic Christian beliefs like the Trinity, Scripture, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and really dig into the Mission, Vision, and Values of Our Savior. Members are always welcome, too.

Destination Maturity
Here you will learn how to deepen your prayer life, study the Bible with tools and resources to help you uncover the treasure of God’s Word for yourself, and learn to live the Christian life in the context of faithful Christian fellowship.

Destination Ministry
Destination Ministry offers you the time and place to learn more about yourself and discover the ways you can engage in ministry at Our Savior and around the world! Discover the unique “you,” your spiritual gifts, your passion, abilities, experiences and purpose. Everyone has something to contribute!

Destination Missions
Why not actually take a trip? Join in learning how to share the faith and serve on a mission team, locally or in distant places. We partner with Christians around the world to share the Gospel of Jesus.

Save the Date! If you want to attend The Journey, please let Eloise in the Church office know what destination you will be attending. We will also need to know if you need child care. Contact Eloise: or 952-474-5181 x242.