Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

During a congregational meeting held on Sunday, June 29, 2014, Our Savior reviewed the detailed findings from a pre-campaign feasibility study and voted to approve a 3-year capital campaign aligned with the top priorities, as ranked by the congregation: roof replacement and debt reduction. The prospect of eliminating our debt is extremely exciting, as that alone would free-up over $200,000 on an annual basis for new and existing ministries!


In 2001 our congregation came together to complete a significant facility upgrade with the purpose of creating an updated place where the family of Our Savior Lutheran can come together in one location and participate in worship, host large meals, and hold other congregational events. This facility upgrade included many of the things we enjoy today. The additions, among other things, included:

  • Gymnasium/Community Center complete with lockers and a new kitchen
  • Converting the lower level of the school to add classrooms for school and Bible study purposes
  • New handicap accessible restrooms in the church
  • Expanded childcare space
  • Additional office space
  • Modern and expanded parking lots
  • Air conditioning in the sanctuary
  • Fire suppression sprinklers for the whole church and school

The total construction cost was about $3,500,000. To fund this project, we paid about $800,000 in cash and we borrowed about $2,700,000 from the Lutheran Church Extension Fund. We have been making timely principal and interest payments on this debt since the inception of the project. At this point we are about where we expected to be in terms of paying down our debt. In other words, we are not in a position of financial stress.

That said, we presently have to make hard choices about which ministries to fund, rather than funding all the ministries desired to reach out to the community. Simply put, the congregation as a whole believes that retiring the debt will allow us to be in a much stronger position to fund these ministries and carry out God’s mission.

Q & A

Q: Exactly how much money are we trying to raise?
A: We need to continue to meet our annual operating needs of $1.1 million. The goal of the three-year Capital Campaign is to eliminate our debt of $1.75 million.

Q: When do I start paying my commitment?
A: We begin paying our commitment to the three-year Capital Campaign on First Fruits Sunday, November 30. Annual commitments will begin in 2015.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to revise my commitment?
A: Yes, you can revise your commitment at any time during the three-year period.

Q: How do we make our gifts toward the three year Capital Campaign?
A: Pink Offering envelopes will be provided by mail on a monthly basis.

Q: How often can I give toward my commitment?
A: Once a week, once a month, once a year in one lump sum or whatever is best for you.

Q: Will my commitment constitute a permanent investment?
A: Yes, take for example George W. Carroll, a wealthy philanthropist, who gave large sums to Christian causes. After he lost considerable wealth during the Depression, he was viewing a building he had helped fund. Someone asked him, “Aren’t you sorry now you gave all that money away?” He answered, “No, because all I kept for myself is lost, and only that which I gave away has been preserved,” and so it may be in our lives. When the “things” of life are gone, that which we have invested in Christ’s cause will continue to flourish and bear fruit.


Capital Campaign

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