Grace International Lutheran Church

LiberiaLiberia is Africa’s oldest republic, but it became better known in the 1990s for its long-running, ruinous civil war and its role in a rebellion in neighboring Sierra Leone. Around 250,000 people were killed in Liberia’s civil war from 1989-2003 and many thousands more fled the fighting. These conditions caused many people to come to America as refugees. With a population of 23,000 Liberians, the Twin Cities is home to the second largest Liberian immigrant population in the US. While 85 percent of Liberians are Christian, 15 percent are Muslim or practice voodoo (African Signs). Their status was again threatened in recent months and will continue to be as long as their status is designated as “temporary.”

GILC-MembersThe work is generously and sacrificially supported by church members, friends in other LCMS congregations, and the Minnesota South District-LCMS who have an exceptional concern for mission work among immigrants. Support from members is limited because many are employed in service industries, which are low-paying, in addition to their sending funds home to their country for family left behind. It is our prayerful hope that this assistance will be augmented in the years ahead as Grace endeavors to grow deep in the Word and spread the Good News of God to everyone. As they joyously do the work at Grace International Church, they usually fall short on funding to carry on the various ministries.

Pastor Isaac Williams, is the current pastor of Grace International Lutheran Church. Their mission continues to be sharing the Good News of Jesus with these African immigrants by reaching out to meet their spiritual, relational, emotional and physical needs.

ADOPT A CHILD: In December you will have an opportunity to select a child (birth-18 yrs.) and purchase one clothing gift and one fun gift ($25 each) for that child.

DONATE HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, dishwashing liquid, bars of soap, beans, and rice. Copier paper is also needed. Place any donated items in the Outreach Donation Box in the Fellowship Hall.

FINANCIALLY: Make a financial contribution to assist with their ministries. Drop checks in the offering plate, payable to “Grace International Lutheran Church.”

PRAY: Most of all, they need your prayers—for strength in these troubled times, trust in the Lord for His provision, and hope for their future.

For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11